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The Halloween Listening Party


The Halloween Listening Party is a pop-up radio station that sprouts up each October. Starting four years ago in a suburban Sydney garage, it’s genesis goes much further back in a country where Halloween is viewed with great suspicion — despite the fact that Scottish immigrants celebrated it right back into the 19th century.

Our third year was a milestone: instead of our regular 18-hour show, we ran for a full week with 206 hours of gloriously ghoulish music! We also had some vistors, too: the Cocktail Witch taught us how to make a coterie of devilish drinks, composer John Massari revealed how he transformed his ‘Killer Klowns from Outer Space’ synth-soundtrack into a lush orchestral score, and Eleanor Gray of the Cassettes and Chocolate Milk blog and podcast hit us with her best mix of spooky indie outliers. It was awesome!

Anyway, we’ll be back in October 2017! We’ll have T-shirts too, this year!

In the meantime, stay spooky!