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Goth Days Revisited – A Spooky Halloween Story

An exciting night out to a Goth club in Marrickville goes horribly wrong! Made for the Halloween Listening Party on FOTW Radio

The Night Jeep – a Strange Tale from the Dusty Garage

Roll up the door of the dusty garage and join me for a strange tale . . . featuring ‘Graveside Wisdom’ by Formless Voyager, made for the 2021 Halloween Listening Party. MORE INFO HERE

GPS: Some places are best left unmapped

Have you ever done something so stupid that it’s left you completely afraid?

Three boys – Rehan Khan, Mark McHugh and Barry Glidon – have all done exactly this; by following their faulty GPS to a weird house in a strange suburb in the industrial west of Sydney, they end up somewhere where no living person should. MORE INFO HERE

It’s Worth it to Stay Positive

Peter didn’t usually come home late from work . . . but with his girlfriend away overseas, he was dragging his feet, stopping in town to borrow a book from the library, and grab something to eat in Chinatown.

But now, as he walks home alone down Terminus street – not far from his flat – something sinister falls from a tree. Should he stop and have a look, or keep walking? FULL STORY HERE

E. A. Poe and the Krautrock Connection

Music-loving Lara has just discovered the ignominiously named ‘krautrock’, an old and unusual genre of German music that she is keen to share with her good friend Joe. Featuring the music of The Fascination Movement, Carlos Péron and Olmec Head.

Lemmings: A tribute to Richard Matheson

Lemmings is adapted from a short-story by the late, great Richard Matheson. This is an early FOTW Audio story from 2006.Save MORE INFO HERE

Anita, Who Knew Everyone

Vito Del Bianco is a writer searching for people from his past in modern day Vienna. He arrives on the doorstep of an eccentric old lady who knows exactly who he is looking for — but is not so forthcoming. Written by Branka Cubrilo, from her novel Fiume – The Lost River. MORE INFO HERE

If you’d like to learn about writing audio stories, you can read this blog post I’ve written.

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