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EA Poe and the Krautrock connection

E. A. Poe and the Krautrock Connection

Music-loving Lara has just discovered the ignominiously named ‘krautrock’, an old and unusual genre of German music that she is keen to share with her good friend Joe.

But Joe — completely and utterly in love with Lara — knows very well that this will probably involve smoking dope; and he’s not so sure if that’s such a good idea, considering the last couple of experiences have not been good ones.

But there’s something else that Lara wants to share with him, something special; and Joe will soon discover that even major freakouts can have a silver lining.

This is an original audio story from FOTW Audio Productions, featuring the music of The Fascination Movement, Carlos Péron and Olmec Head.SaveSave

Digital download available from Bandcamp.