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Cover art for Terror of the Universe by Hyboid

The frenetic madness of Hyboid!

It’s not often you get a chance to find out the origin of many classic synthesizer sounds; usually it’s a well-kept secret among musicians.

But Hyboid from Berlin Germany has given a great insight into some of the more evocative synthesizers of the wonderful analogue era, through sharing a great track from his latest album, Terrör of the Üniverse.

Hyboid has been publically making music for almost a decade now, polishing his sound and style. His early tracks came out on the French label Radio Cosmos, a series of vinyl compilation albums exploring a ‘space synth’ sound — but he also runs his own label Astro Chicken.

Anyway, his latest release is an awesome mix of Hi-NRG in the style of Bobby O; kosmische German electronica from the 1970s; the newer/older genre of synthwave, with many ‘hauntological’ aspects akin to the Ghost Box label and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (who composed the original Dr Who theme) chucked in for good measure. You might also recognise a ‘popcorn’ sound in some of Hyboid’s melodies which is part of his trademark sound.

But it all goes brilliantly together and his album draws on classic science-fiction and horror, with tracks like ‘Starfighter Romance’ and ‘Toxic Avenger vs. Marshmallow Man’.

Not all full electronic albums have a diversity of tracks; but almost all of these stand out for the listener, which is a good indication of the time and care taken in putting it all together.

Terrör of the Üniverse is available as a digital download on bandcamp, but also a special double-vinyl release, with a limited edition of 150 on purple vinyl.

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