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Photo of moon through the trees

Seasons and sensitivity

Photo of moon through the treesMoon through branches // photo by Mattvest, Pixabay Public Domain

If you are sensitive, you pick up on the change of the seasons, how they affect your mood, and stir up all previous feelings of the same season.

If you are sensitive, you notice that the seasons do not change the moment the month ends – but sometimes, a few weeks before, when the first keen flowers open up, and you can smell them on the warm night wind.

If you are sensitive, the season will affect your moods the way it once did your ancestors, whose life and livelihood depended on being able to make quick adjustments each time the season changed.

If you’re sensitive, you’ll notice how your body instinctively remember all of this, even if your mind’s not interested.

If you’re sensitive, you’ll drop everything, and make the most of it; don’t waste a day!

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