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40 is the new 40*: Life Lessons Learnt So Far

This is a list I have worked on over the last week – though my motives for putting it together aren’t completely apparent, other than a desire maybe to put everything in the one place, and maybe show off how clever I am! (see below). But as I think about life’s challenges while travelling to work on the train, my mind tends to reduce things down to little epigrams that are almost like self-help phrases that I get hooked on. In fact, many of the story titles take this shape, like ‘Always Be Natural’ and ‘It’s Not Worth It’ – and so these are as much a help to me, as they are to anyone else!

Anyway, here are the top 14:

You have very little control over anyone, or things that happen in the world. You don’t even have much control over yourself.

You are made up of lots of different parts and motivations, and they are all fighting to make their needs known.

You have a destiny to fulfill, connecting back to your ancestors. Sometimes you can work it out by following your intuition and learning about the past.

You have to treat your feelings with respect, and don’t be persuaded by others to dismiss them. As a subtle form of intuition, they can sometimes be connected with your destiny.

Always try to tell the truth, whenever you can.

There are dark forces in and around you, always trying to ruin your life. Don’t ask me why.

“Every position is wrong.” Meaning: every side of an argument is flawed, because what motivates you to take that side is never pure. I nicked this one from the Buddhists.

You can always find a quote to support your position.

People only reward the best and brightest, if they can make them money, or raise their status.

You are never as clever as you think you are. God (or the gods) always have the last laugh.

There are limits to all abilities, including those of your enemies.

Hard work is just as important as natural talent and ability.

Don’t cling to anything. (At least, try not to). That’s what makes you miserable.

Always try in life, even if you fail. As much as it’s a cliche, the worst failure is not to try.


So there you go, some self help for the month of April!

*40 is 40 – not 50 or 30.


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