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Photo of filmmaker-composer John Harrison / Copyright Robert Pearson

John Harrison and the Music of Creepshow: a Radio Documentary

John Harrison and the Music of Creepshow is a radio documentary about the soundtrack to the legendary Stephen King-George A. Romero team up, Creepshow. A colorful tribute to the gory EC horror comics of the 1950s, Creepshow was a five-part tour de force that brought together an ensemble cast of older generation Hollywood actors, E.G. Marshall and Viveca Lindfors, with new and rising stars of the day, Ted Danson and Ed Harris.

But the jewel in Creepshow’s crown was the wonderful soundtrack by writer-director, John Harrison, who had initially been brought on-board after the first assistant director was fired from the film. John soon showed that he also had a talent for composing music, having spent a number of years on the road with rhythm and blues legend, Roy Buchanan, as a bass player.

Scored on the mystical Prophet 5 synthesizer, invented by Californian company Sequential Circuits, and used by the likes of New Order and Peter Gabriel, Harrison’s soundtrack was a monumentally heartfelt and chilling work, turning a single instrument into an orchestra of eerie elements.

Photo of John Harrison by Robert Pearson

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