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The Telling: a film by Stewart Hamilton

The Telling: an eerie short film set in haunted rural Scotland

If any of you grew up being spooked by the strange gamut of British children’s TV series, like Chocky and Tripods – or even the darker re-runs of Tom Baker-era Dr Who, then you will find this film project from Scottish director Stewart Hamilton very interesting! The Telling is a short film where a woman returns to her childhood village, only to find that although she has changed in the following years, the village has not.

Shot across the beautiful Scottish landscape, this hauntological project is currently in its IndieGoGo fundraising stage, with generous perks for anyone willing to get behind it.

Stewart has previously directed the film The Seeker which is currently doing the film festival circuit. However, I have gotten to know him through his electronic music, where he records under the alias S.T.R.S.G.N — so it is no surprise that he will also be doing the soundtrack to this project. You can have a listen to his eerie main theme below, with the kind of sinister bass notes that we love at FOTW Audio so much.

From a personal point of view, many of these television shows had a massive impact on me as a kid, shaping my early outlook of strange things. It is not so much the case now — but during the 60s, 70s, and 80s, a large part of Australian television came from the United Kingdom, as we were part of the Commonwealth. And I don’t know what it was, but the UK had a knack for creating these absolutely strange children’s TV shows, unlike anything from anywhere else, that were able to capture the imagination and leave a deep impression.

I was also lucky enough to visit Scotland twice as a little kid, having a mother who had migrated from there; so when I watch Stewart’s promo video, it also sends chills up the back of my neck for this very reason — to see something so embedded back in my early past that I instantly recognise, and remember with fond feelings, but that also seems like a strange land to me as an adult.

That’s what you call the uncanny!

Anyway, I think that this is a very worthwhile project to check out — and I look forward to watching the final film.



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